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Stepping on the Gas and Going the Extra Mile

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is difficult for the patient, the family and friends. In addition to the emotional trauma, the financial impact of fighting a life-threatening illness can be overwhelming—and the major costs of cancer treatments, such as surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and scans, may seem insurmountable.

Managing the daily costs of related expenses is also challenging. Can you imagine having to drive to and from radiation treatments every day for six weeks? What if your treatment protocol includes months of chemotherapy with weekly lab work? Chances are the related, or indirect costs, of the gasoline needed for those trips was not in your budget. Unfortunately, you may find you are barely able to make ends meet because of the additional day-to-day expenses. Now you are in the fight of your life and need some financial support just to get to your treatment. Where would you turn for help? Well, in Kansas City, the answer to that question is Cancer Action!

We are pleased to announce that Cancer Action is “stepping on the gas” to meet one of the critical needs cancer patients experience today by starting a Gas Card Assistance Program! This pilot program will provide a gas card to help cancer patients with the related expenses of gasoline to get to and from their treatments. In addition to providing support to some of the most financially challenged cancer patients in our city, it will also help those who depend on family and friends to get them to treatment by assisting with their expenses. The Gas Card Assistance Program could literally be a lifesaver to some of the most vulnerable cancer patients in our community.

Cancer Action didn’t stop there . . . in addition to “stepping on the gas” we are also “going the extra mile” to reach out to cancer patients by increasing our service delivery area to include Cass County! As our community continues to expand, the need for support in Cass County has grown significantly. Our health care partners have identified this area as one where Cancer Action’s support is vital. There are no other services offered to cancer patients living in this area of the metro. Beginning in 2022, Cancer Action added Cass County as one of our service areas! Cancer Action now provides services and support to six metro counties: Jackson, Clay, Platte and Cass counties in Missouri; and Wyandotte and Johnson Counties in Kansas.

There is no doubt that this is a challenging time for all of us. The added stress cancer patients and their families have in dealing with the major expenses and the indirect expenses of cancer can be difficult or even insurmountable.

In Kansas City, Cancer Action is the place of hope and help for hundreds of cancer patients each year. As a local organization we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of THIS community. We are so pleased to be able to help meet these two vital needs at this historic time, ensuring that those with cancer in Kansas City do not face their challenges alone! As we have for 60 years, Cancer Action is here for every step of the cancer journey!


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