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At Cancer Action, we work hard to provide resources, information and compassionate support to those impacted by cancer.  We help individuals and family members navigate a positive cancer journey!  Our goal is simple: to reduce the stress and improve the well-being of those embarking on the whirlwind of a cancer diagnosis and the road to treatment and recovery.  We provide support throughout the journey with services and programs designed to offer physical, financial and emotional support.

“Thank you for helping me during my illness - nutritional supplements, bed pads, and wig.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Practical & Direct Services

Practical & Direct Services

Practical and direct services provide a variety of necessary items needed for patients currently undergoing cancer treatment or have cancer-related medical needs.

  • Nutritional Supplements and Tube Feeding – provided to help an individual maintain their weight and strength during their time of cancer treatment.  The amount provided is limited.

  • Medical Equipment and Supplies – we work hard to provide medical equipment such as bedside commodes, shower benches, wheelchairs, walkers and canes to those in need.  Medical supplies include bed pads, gauze, tape, latex gloves, masks, ostomy supplies, Lymphedema sleeves, adult diapers and more.  These items are donated, so availability may vary.

  • Mastectomy Supplies – as inventory permits, we provide women who undergo a mastectomy with bras and prosthesis

  • Wigs, turbans and scarves – Our TLC Room provides a private, comfortable place for our clients to choose from various styles of wigs, turbans and scarves.  Our staff is on hand to help find the right style and fit for you!

  • Comfort items – Handmade items provided by our volunteers offer compassionate support and comfort to our clients.  Chemo bags, seat belt pillows, neck pillows, pressure point pillows, afghans and hospital bed sheets are among the items offered.


Emotional & Educational Support

Emotional & Educational Support

Education is key when dealing with a diagnosis and the right care is essential during such an emotional time. Emotional and educational support is provided to cancer patients and their families or friends.

  • One-on-one emotional support – every cancer journey is different and we can provide emotional support specific to you.

  • Education resource library – we provide resources on a variety of cancer-related issues and topics.

  • Trained professional Case Managers - arrange our services and provide referrals to community resources.


Financial Assistance Programs

Financial Assistance Programs

Financial assistance programs are available to persons who are having financial distress due to their cancer diagnosis. A financial assessment will be completed to determine eligibility.


  • Gas Card Assistance Program – The purpose of this program is to assist cancer patients living in the Kansas City metro with cost of gas while they are in active cancer treatment, chemotherapy or radiation; which can include lab/scans, and appointments with their oncologist.  Clients on Medicaid are not eligible for this program.  

       Applicaiton to determine eligibility is required.​

  • Prescription Assistance – Cancer Action helps cover the cost of cancer-related medications for those who do not have insurance or cannot afford their co-pays. Cancer Action will assist with getting the medications needed. Application to determine eligibility is required.


  • Lymphedema sleeves - Cancer Action will assist a woman who is experiencing lymphedema as a side effect of surgery for breast cancer. The woman must be working with a Lymphedema or physical therapist to be fitted. Cancer Action will assist in purchasing a lymphedema sleeve if funding is available.  Case managers will also refer women to other resources that may be able to assist.


Wellness & Survivorship Programs

Wellness & Survivorship Programs

Cancer Action offers a variety of classes and opportunities throughout the year to help cancer survivors adjust to life during and after cancer treatment. 

  • Individual guidance and support to help move beyond cancer treatment and its physical, emotional and financial impact on a person’s life.

  • Movement and Exercise Classes to increase strength, flexibility and energy.

  • Educational programs designed to address the needs of cancer survivors and nurture the body, mind and spirit.

  • Art and craft classes that promote self-expression and emotional well-being.

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