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Thank You Cards

“Want to pass along how much the care bag you sent home with me means.  The person who took the time the time to crochet the beautiful blanket and make the pillows – please thank them for me.  So thoughtful for people to give to others.  It makes such a difference knowing people care.”  


"I think Cancer Action has an understanding of what people really need when they're going through this.  Without a support system this is all so much harder.  Cancer Action I would consider a part of any cancer patient's support system if they live in Kansas City.  It should be.


Thank you, thank you for everything you've done for me and for everything you've done for thousands of cancer patients across the whole Kansas City area."

Molly Hammer 

Diagnosed in 2008, Currently fighting Metastatic Breast Cancer 

Molly at Kaufmann Center.jpg

“Dear Cancer Action Friends – Thank you for the wheelchair and Boost.  You saved me a ton of money which I am short of— (Who isn’t?) Thanks again over and over.”  


“To All the Wonderful Staff at Cancer Action- all of our family want to express our sincere Thank You for all you have helped us with.  The supplies and support are gratefully appreciated.  It’s nice to have a home base to go to with questions, especially in the beginning!  Thanks again!”

Family of Michael

"I don't think of myself as a survivor.  I think of this as a trial that we've gone through.  It's not my identity.  I felt like I was losing a lot in this whole cancer thing. The room is a small little room, set up beautifully and has lots of wigs, sorted by color.  They have hats and scarves.  You are not where other people can see you. They just were nice and made it comfortable.

The most wonderful thing Cancer Action has done for me is the Functional Exercise Class.  Without Cancer Action I would not be as healthy right now, physically strong.  I came out of the experience very weak and I needed some help to get moving again.  It has given me my life back.  It is the number one best thing I have done to begin to reenter my life. "

Linda Bell 

Linda Bell with Wig.jpg

“Our friends at Cancer Action – We appreciate all the many ways you helped us after J’s surgery.  You guys were so warm and friendly and encouraging to us.  We trusted the Lord to go through this journey with us and provide our needs, and he used Cancer Action to give us what we needed at the time, the right time. Thank you for the wonderful things your organization does to provide help and the resources to those going through cancer.”

Wife of a Client

“Thank you for so much for all your help.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  The prescription assistance will take a financial load I just can’t carry right now.  Beyond the financial help was the kindness and compassion you extended to me.”    


“Thank you for greeting us at Cancer Action, you helped us start the first steps on my wife’s path to fight cancer.  I took home a booklet from your educational resource library.  The booklet provided lots of information about treatment.  The booklet outlined the very things we are seeing in my wife’s cancer and her treatment.  We are now comfortable knowing that the process is a well-known standard of treatment.   You let my wife try on a cute wig with short black hair.  She looked good with the wig and I heard a change in her voice.  Her voice smoothed out and became as lovely as the wig.  I started to crying with happiness because she was happy."


"When I was going through my cancer journey, we had no idea what we were doing.  Cancer Action was that knowledge, that friend, that support that we were missing.   One simple inquiry into volunteering years ago led to many volunteer events and ultimately serving on the board for multiple terms. I was very proud every time I introduced myself as President of the Board because I understand what an amazing organization this is and the great work they do for the Kansas City cancer care community.”

Molly Buchanan
Cancer Survivor,
Board Member,
Past President  

Molly B II.jpg

“When I was introduced to Cancer Action I had no idea of all benefits that were offered.  I hope some day I can give back." 


This is a good time for me to thank you for your assistance through your Prescription Assistance Program.  The value of the assistance is way beyond the dollar amount provided.  You give a sense of caring and understanding of your client’s condition and feelings, which are a major part of the treatment process.  State of mind to me, is a powerful tool in living with cancer.  You make it clear you understand and reinforce a positive, dignified spirit of partnership.  This is from one person but I am positive I speak for hundreds and I hope thousands.” 


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